Employing Staff - Help and Advice for Start-up Businesses in Kingston upon Thames

Your recruitment decisions can influence the long-term success of the business, particularly during its early years. Put simply, without the right people your business cannot succeed.

When recruiting a new staff member, you might want to begin by defining the vacant position and creating a picture of the ideal candidate. It is important to take a structured and consistent approach. A popular interviewing technique is to ask open-ended 'behavioural' questions, which give you a better idea of the candidate's suitability for the role. You might, for example, ask applicants to describe a real-life situation when they resolved a problem similar to one they might encounter in your business.

But beyond the processes involved in advertising a post, sifting applications and interviewing, there are numerous regulatory implications to taking on an employee. These include:

  • Equal opportunities - there must be no discrimination on the availability of jobs, training and promotion on the grounds of race, sexual orientation, gender or disability.
  • Employers' liability insurance
  • Working hours
  • Terms and conditions of employment - these must be provided to all employees.
  • Statutory maternity and paternity pay
  • Illegal workers
  • National Minimum Wage
  • Fair and unfair dismissal, and notice periods
  • Statutory sick pay
  • Health and Safety

This is not a comprehensive list and it is recommended that you consult an experienced legal professional for further advice.

There are also tax issues to consider, such as setting up a PAYE scheme. You will also need to administer the payroll function. Contact us for more advice about employing staff in Kingston upon Thames.